California Saltwater Kayak Series

California Saltwater Kayak Series

The Cal-Salt Series is a new California based, saltwater kayak fishing tournament that connects anglers in the north to anglers in the south and everywhere in between. Whether you target spotties in Mission Bay, yellowtail out of LaJolla, halibut in Gaviota, toothy lingcod in the waters off the Central Coast, or salmon out of Shelter Cove, Cal-Salt has something for everyone. It is the only statewide saltwater specific kayak series in California.

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Currently Running Tournament(s)

2018 California Saltwater Kayak Series

Here are the Stars of this series along with the number of fish they caught:
  Dave Easton
27 Fish
Points 6487.50
Tournaments 1
  Scott Kopp
4 Fish
Points 2710.00
Tournaments 2
  Matt Wong
22 Fish
Points 2485.00
Tournaments 1
  Rolland Felton
3 Fish
Points 2370.00
Tournaments 1
  Ricardo Holden
7 Fish
Points 2305.00
Tournaments 1
  Will Fetters
1 Fish
Points 1800.00
Tournaments 1
  Joshua Brightman
6 Fish
Points 1520.00
Tournaments 2
  Carlos Delavilla
3 Fish
Points 865.00
Tournaments 1
  Zachariah Clift
1 Fish
Points 780.00
Tournaments 2
Preston Jimenez
2 Fish
Points 665.00
Tournaments 1
Jesse Landry
1 Fish
Points 360.00
Tournaments 1
Upcoming Tournaments
Date 06/02/2018
Leffingwell Landing State Park, Cambria, CA, USA

Past Tournaments
None of the tournaments have ended yet.